Hi, I’m Erin!

When I love something, I really, really, really… REALLY love it. Black coffee, classic literature, endless conversations about themes in art and pop culture, T-Rex jokes, tattoos, taking endless pictures of my cats – I am obsessed, and I am always beyond excited to share it with you. And the inspiration for my business is just that.

If you are familiar with the TV show How I Met Your Mother, then you know that the yellow umbrella is a symbol for Ted finally meeting the mother of his children. And while I will invite you over for a glass of wine, so we can discuss the failings of the overall plot of this show and its many character issues, it is the idea of the yellow umbrella that brings me back time and time again. When Ted finally lets go of what his idea of love should be and allows his life to start over, every person is a yellow umbrella – an opportunity to find love.

Opportunity is the goal here. I deeply desire to help you reclaim your time, so you can enjoy your life and your business to the fullest. We all deserve the opportunity to pursue what makes our hearts sing – coaching soccer, building relationships with customers, making it to the field trip or launching a new product. Do what gives you purpose.

I am a recovering workaholic – I spread my time between being a mother, wife, entrepreneur, blogger, and virtual assistant. I thrive on using my love for language and creativity, alongside my professional experiences across a variety of backgrounds to support other businesses. If it can be done (piano teacher, bookkeeper, cupcake baker, humane educator, art history major etc.), I’ve likely tried it!

I’ve never seen myself as a traditional “stay-at-home” mom. Although my small people have never attended daycare, I’ve always earned a full-time income doing what I’m capable of doing; jack of all trades. I’ve shown up to every task with my cup of coffee and a solid work ethic – and likely some smudged mascara under my eyes and a little dry shampoo to hold me together.

Being able to earn a full-time income while still caring for my kids is important to me and our family because for seven years we have been pursuing an international adoption. Building our family through adoption has been a passion and priority, but one that comes with huge financial obligations. So, I roll up my sleeves and I do.

While being busy and “doing it all” was exciting, I often found myself close to burnout and missing the things that make life worth living: my kids and their activities, warm meals, sleep. Pretty important things.

Virtual Assistant

With the surprise arrival of our third biological child, the postponement of our adoption and having to evaluate what the reality of our completed family would look like, I knew it was time to change my approach to business and prioritize a better work/life balance. I need to be my best me for my clients and for my growing family, so offering my best skills and getting down to business has revived my love for freelancing. I am so passionate about working with other parents, small businesses and local shop owners. I’ve found what works best for me and I want to help you achieve the same love for your business.

By focusing on what I’m great at – writing, visual presentation, administrative support and being the best damn cheerleader for my clients – I’m finding it easier to set my priorities in order.

My goal is to deliver quality work so that you can focus on your passion for building your business with ease – and I can still bake some cookies for my kids. Let me help you discover what really matters so that you can also reclaim your life outside of work… and find your yellow umbrella.