I’ve had the pleasure of serving Christa as she pursues her dream of seeing rural Malawi freed from pain and chronic injuries that are typically caused by daily, way of life tasks. Originally from Chilliwack, BC, Christa now lives in Malawi where she is using her training as a massage therapist and knowledge in occupational therapy and functional movement to support local farming communities with aging populations. With a rising age of life expectancy and a reliance on sustenance farming, there is a large portion of the population who encounter pain or injury on a regular basis because of how they move while attending to their daily routines. When a community member becomes bedridden or is unable to help, the ripple effects are far-reaching. To be able to support and enhance a way of life that is vital to so many is something I couldn’t help but get behind. I lend my virtual assistant services to Health in Motion for Africa by providing administrative support. Social media, content creation, document organization, and the occasional event planning task are how I’m giving back in this season of my professional life.


Virtual Assistant Services