Monthly Packages

Do you need administrative support on an ongoing basis? Our monthly retainer packages are designed to guarantee that your tasks are consistently being taken care of.

Package rates start at $30/hour and will vary depending upon the tasks required.

Minimum Monthly Commitment: 8 hours

Hourly Rate

Do you need a Virtual Assistant for a few hours here and there to tackle random administrative task? Or do you have a project that requires careful and considerate attention to set up or complete? Purchasing a block of time based on an hourly rate is the best option for you and your business.

Time blocks range from $30/hour to $60/hour.  This rate is dependant on the complexity of the task and the urgency of the deadline.

Any urgent task to be completed in 48 hours or less will be billed at $60/hour

Minimum Time Block Commitment: 3 hours

Because the scope of a project can (and likely will) change, special consideration is given when Time Blocks need to be extended.

3-9 hours = $40/hour

10 hours = $35/hour

20 hours = $32/hour

40 hours = $30/hour

*All pricing does not include GST