Not sure where to start when working with a Virtual Assistant? Choose a How I Met Your Mother character and The Yellow Umbrella Co. will help you from there.

The Barney

“When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead”. You are far too busy being important and doing… – whatever it is you do – for your company. You do not have time for the mundane, but necessary, day to day, behind-the-scenes tasks that need to be done to keep your business thriving. So suit up! And let The Yellow Umbrella Co. take care of the details while you plot your climb to the top. This is a high-end package for clients who are the CEO of their business and need administrative support in all its many forms. This package is customizable to suit your specific administrative needs.

Starts at $1800/month

The Robin

More than just a page from The Playbook, Robin is self-assured and knows what she wants. From “I was a teenage pop star in Canada” to “I said ‘nipple’ on the news”, and all of the adventures in between, you need to be the best newscaster for your business. Current and relevant content is the best way to get your message out there. So whether it’s through killer blog posts, upping your SEO game or having your social media managed, this package is all about getting your business seen! Anything that will bump your online presence can be included.

Starts at $1200/month

The Lily

Wife, kindergarten teacher, artist, and slap bet commissioner: Lily Aldrin is the queen of all things clever and creative. Is your blog looking bland? Could your Pinterest use primping? Instagram need improving? The Yellow Umbrella Co. is here to make things pretty and add an artistic touch. This package is all about making your business as beautiful and appealing as possible.

Starts at $1000/month

The Marshall

“Studying law, making a responsible choice for my future, on a Friday night, being a lawyer had better be awesome”. All those nitpicky and annoying tasks that no business owner wants to handle? Let us take care of them for you! Data entry, research or analytics, editing, proofreading, pie charts or bar graphs: we’ve got you covered. Your business will be professional and charming – so you can get back to searching for the Loch Ness Monster or cuddling your wife; the good parts of the work/life balance. This package will allow you to have all of the attention heavy tasks taken care of.

Starts at $1200/month

The Ted

Your vision for your business is to make it “The One”. But does this elusive “One” really exist? It could! “Shouldn’t we hold out for the [business] that doesn’t just tolerate our quirks but actually kinda likes them”? Your passion and vision have gotten you this far, but sometimes you just need a little more time to figure out how to get where you really need to be. This package is for the business owner who isn’t sure, just yet, about what they want or needs. Just buy some time and we’ll work through your to-do list while you figure things out.

Priced from $30-$60/hr, dependant on tasks and hours purchased per month